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E-Cat Info – Defkalion Response To Break Up With Andrea Rossi

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E-cat info can here present Defkalion Green Technologies responded to the split concerning themselves and Andrea Rossi. Really they appeared to not respond at all to the split itself, but instead they set to distance, or distinguish themselves from Rossi (while still proclaiming “strong support” toward him) through establishing that their own own device is [...]

E-Cat Producer Defkalion Facts

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Heres some short facts about the company that will produce E-Cat, Hyperion, Defkalion Green Technologies. € 200 million will be launched in Xanthi, a city of northeastern Greece, for the creation of an industrial unit owned by Defaklion Green Technologies. The factiry will manufacture heat and electricity at low cost, E-cat Fusion.

Public Warning Issued Regarding Investing In E-Cat Scams

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Defkalion Green Technology’s website released a open public alert today “It has come to the attention of our company that unauthorized persons have initiated contact with third parties for financial and development matters. Defkalion Green Technologies publically announces that only its Board of Directors are commissioned to speak on behalf of the company. Any and [...]