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E-cat’s Role In Tar Sands

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One of the most visited websites that provides latest news on Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer LENR based technology is the The website continues to post interesting and important information about the status of the device’s development. Recently, the website discussed about the relationship between the tar sands and the e-cat of the Italian inventor. [...]

Nickel Isotope Enrichment Is Necessary For Rossi E-cat

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On Andrea Rossi’s official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, there have been intelligent discussions concerning the isotopic distribution levels in sustained reactions of the Italian inventor’s LENR based device. As a matter of fact,  many e-cat followers have been asking Rossi further information about the mass difference of nickels in e-cat, whether or not there [...]

Rossi Says They Are Ready For Mass Production

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Andrea Rossi recently posted an interesting revelation on his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics. This has something to do with the e-cat – Green Turbine connection that receives much attention over the web. Green Turbine is a Dutch company that produces a micro generator. On its website, the company provides further explanation about its [...]