Rossi: The Market Will Decide As To Whether Or Not The E-cat Is Successful

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On July 12 of this year, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi was interviewed by Free Energy Systems regarding his groundbreaking e-cat LENR invention. The question from the interviewer was actually not something new to the nickel-hydrogen fusor. The reactor has always been subject to criticism and skepticism ever since its first introduction in January of 2011. Due to the failed cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions experiment of Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, technologies related to CF or LENR have always been deemed a sham device. Rossi understands that his invention is not an exception to the negative publicity surrounding the technology.

When asked if he has experience negative feedback from his colleagues or the media concerning the e-cat device, Rossi said that the market will make the decision as to whether or not the controversial technology is successful. Although we have seen quite a number of people from the scientific circles and mainstream media who have expressed their interest to Rossi’s invention with its growth and development, we still cannot deny the fact that not everybody has really embraced this revolutionary and evolutionary change. People who have been following the energy catalyzer of Rossi are aware of his philosophy when it comes to criticisms.

The e-cat units of Rossi including the domestic version, the 1 megawatt industrial e-cat, and the high temperature e-cat have received mixed reviews ever since its first inception. For over a year now, it continues to provide amazing results in various demonstrations from different countries. The problem is Rossi cannot provide the exact details of his invention largely because of the pending approval of the safety certifications. However, Rossi is determined to create a new form of energy through his new technology. In fact, he is planning to release the home e-cat in the market next year. He has also promised to publish a report behind the e-cat operation in September this year.

It is known that the media has ignored the experiment about LENR, cold fusion, fusor units and other developments that hope to provide a powerful alternative source of power to the world. Rossi admitted that resistance will always be there and it is normal especially in physics. In knowing this, he cannot complain more because he is already expecting such reactions. He emphasized though that he has received many sustained encouragements that have balanced the situation believing that his e-cat will soon be accepted worldwide.

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