Randy Hekman, Running For US Senate, Endorses LENR, But Not Too Kin On E-Cat Info

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If you haven’t yet visited the website of Randy Hekman (www.RandyHekman2012.com), then you should as he posted a very bold campaign, where out of 15 points of what he believes and where he stands, Energy is given #8, which would be so surprising if under #8 you wouldn’t stumble over the following revealing LENR endorsement – “We need to end the policies that subsidize inefficient sources of energy… We must work to develop this energy program (LENR).” That is a rather bold statement for one’s campaign, which totally makes sense, since peak oil and peak coal are not at a great distance away. When he was asked why he believes it’s “the best alternative energy program” out there, he confidently replied that it presents itself to be durable, safe and limitless and it is “the wave of the future.”

Mr. Hekman is no rookie or amateur when it comes to the LENR research, as he has spent the last 14 years studying this phenomenon and propagating it. In fact he even participated in preparing the report on the LENR field to the Department of Energy for potential funding. It did not pan out as soon as “cold fusion” controversy popped up on the screen, even though attempted to present it in different terms. That didn’t help the matter much, even though it was supported with impressive data.

With all this talk about LENR in the interview, it is imperative that some E-Cat info must leak. In this case there was no E-Cat info per se, as Randy Hekman referred to a great deal of secrecy around Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, which boosts his skepticism. That is where the push comes to shove – there is not explicit E-Cat info to make judgments based on. if there were, perhaps the feedback would be so much greater. But that does not kill Rossi’s hopes and aspirations, I’m sure, because he has heard this line of reasoning before.

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