E-Cat Info Sources Argue About The Cons And Pros Of Home Units

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One interesting E-Cat info article was recently published, which spend quite some time discussing the pros and cons of E-Cat home units. With the story of Energy Catalyzers coming to the next chapter and moving on to the commercialization stage in November (after the successful demonstration of the 1 MW plant at the end of October), it is not uncommon to be interested in asking the questions that relate to the home units of Energy Catalyzers.

This is where this E-Cat info is right on the money. And speaking of the latter it seems to be one of the only questionable points in this development. It has recently been stated that the deployment of a 5 kW unit will cost about $10,000, with one kW costing in the ballpark of $2,000. That is quite a huge amount of money for many an average American and West European (and that’s not including Asian, East European, Latin Americans and Africans). The E-Cat info price also discusses possible solutions to this problem, one of which is dropping E-Cats in the current power stations and/or allowing businessmen to purchase these devices and install it on their properties, and later reselling energy at affordable prices to individuals, and still making quite some profit off of it. Or installing it in a customer’s home, but at the expense of a businessman, who still makes a profit. Although it sounds like a negative, knowing the aspirations of Andrea Rossi, it should be expected that he is working on making his device as affordable as possible.
In the long run, however, there are more positives, and even the cost is easily redeemed as the cost for the energy produced is pretty much non-existent.

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