Andrea Rossi Shares E-Cat Info About The Robotization of The Production Of His Catalyzers

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Workers are usually that, which cost quite some to the employers. Yes, they do their work and they do it thoroughly (depending on every employee individually), but they get sick, and thus their work needs to be ceased every now and then; they eventually demand a raise; they break for lunch; they are not always reliable (even in best-case scenarios). Having taken all of this into consideration, it is obvious why Rossi is going for the robotization of the factory, where E-Cats are going to be manufactured. At least that’s the latest E-Cat info shared by Rossi on his JONP blog, which was given in response to one reader: “…the production will be completely robotized to squeeze down the price as much as possible…”

Yes, exactly – the price is the driving force behind it. Human workers do have a creative drive in the way they work, but one has got to pay for it, whether one wants to or not. The machines on the other hand ask for no food, no raise and they need no breaks and vacations. Therefore, Rossi is right to follow the path that would, even if initially raise the spending rates, eventually decrease prices as low as it is only possible.

One million pieces is going to take a long time to manufacture, that is definitely another incentive that Rossi goes by. It’s hard to imagine workers making 2,740 E-Cat pieces a day (and that is in the case when 365 days are taken into consideration, with no weekend breaks and vacation). Robots (or machines) are much more efficient in this case, and that’s the way we can expect Rossi to work. At least that’s the E-Cat info he has shared. And even with this E-Cat info, he adds that “even if [they] will be very good, the first deliveries will start perhaps within the year,” and not sooner.

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