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Wouldn’t It Be Great If Some E-Cat Info Concerning The Cyclone Engine Partnership Surfaced?

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I know this may be just my wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be great if Rossi revealed his partnerships with some existing entities that have been granted “the green light” concerning the new clean technologies? He is not accepted in broader terms, even though his technology has been endorsed and talked about by some key [...]

On The Last Day Of The Year 2011 Mark Gibbs Of Forbes Published Another E-Cat Info Article

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Mark Gibbs, a contributor for Forbes magazine, published several articles on the subject of LENR, cold fusion and E-Cat info, but he is hardly satisfied with that. There were articles with intriguing titles, such as Cheap Power: And Overnight Revolution, Believing in Cold Fusion and the E-Cat, How to Make Cold Fusion Work: Use Unobtanium, [...]